Monday, June 6, 2011


The house was dark and quiet as would be the expectation for any home at 2:00 in the morning. It seems that everyone in the Morgan's home was tucked into bed and settled in on this stormy spring night. As the county sheriff made his way up the long cobble stone drive that led to the house he felt a sudden dread fill his chest. This part of the job never came easy but some how he knew that this time it would even be worse.

The Morgan's were drawn from their peaceful slumber by the sound of a loud knocking coming from the front entrance way. As they shook the sleep from their heads they quickly grabbed their robes and headed down the hall to the stairs towards the front door. On their way they passed the nursery and took a quick peek at their son still asleep in the crib. Amazingly the pounding had not woken the child and for that the Morgan's were thankful. Slipping quietly down the hall the Morgan's quickly made their way to the front foyer where they stopped and looked through the window to see who it was. Seeing the sheriff Dr. Morgan slipped the chain from the door and unlocked the dead bolt.

"Evening Dr. Morgan, Mrs. Morgan....Can I come in?" asked the sheriff as he pushed past Dr. Morgan and in to the sitting room.

"Sheriff, what are you doing here at this hour?" asked Dr. Morgan as he closed the door and followed the sheriff into the parlor.

"Well doc, it seems that there was a mishap down at the lab.', replied the sheriff as he turned and walked over to the fireplace where he picked up the cast iron poker.

"What kind of mishap?", asked the doctor.

The sheriff turned to the doctor and looked him straight in the eyes and said "there was a break-in. Seems 2 local teenagers thought the could score some easy drugs. Somehow they managed to get into the air duct system and worked their way right into the center of the lab."

The doctor seemed to lose all color as he stumbled backwards into a chair. Mrs. Morgan rushed to his side trying to comfort him. But Dr.Morgan brushed her aside. He needed to ask...he had to know. "what was taken?"

The sheriff again locked eyes with him and said "the teens did not get away." Mrs. Morgan turned to the sheriff with relief in her face only to see that the sheriff was not relieved. He spoke one last time. "the teens were killed...torn limbed from limb...and escaped!"

Those were the last words the Morgan's ever heard. The sheriff filed a report about a break in at the Morgan's house. It seems that the intruder had broken in through the patio door and found the Morgan's in the sitting room having a night cap. A struggle ensued and the intruder used  the cast iron fire poker to strike Dr. Morgan across the the temple. According to the report it seems that Mrs. Morgan must have tried to protect her husband because she was struck on the back of her skull and was found lying atop her husband. The sheriff's report listed that silverware, jewelry, and some small electronics were found missing. But the worse news was there was no sign of their son......

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