Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet John Doe

The trips seemed to take longer each time and over the last few years they had also become less and less frequent. Was it the guilt or the fear that someone would find out. The sheriff shook the thoughts from his head as he turned between the old stone pillars that marked the entrance to house. Ahead of the sheriff, just visible in the beam of his head lights was the old homestead. The sheriff had spent many summers her with his grandfather. Just the sight of the house brought back so many good memories. But those thoughts were fleeting. Ever since that night six years ago a new set of memories filled this place. Both good and bad. He hoped today's visit would fall in the realm of the good but he feared it would not be so.

He pulled his car to a stop in front of the main doors and exited his car. As the sheriff made his way to the steps of the porch the front door burst open and a blur of dogs poured forth jumping and yelping at the sheriff. In the midst of this blur of fur and drool covered tongues was a small 6 year old child who like the dogs was jumping at the sheriff. "Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob!" cried the child as he jumped and danced gleefully around the sheriff. The sheriff stooped down and scooped the lad in to his arms and hugged him tightly as he climbed the steps to the house.

"Robert, do you know what time it is?" came a rather sharp welcome form the lady in the doorway.

"Well of course I do Sis! It is time for some ice cream and a piece of your world famous cheery pie!" replied the sheriff as he leaned over and kissed the lady on the cheek. The sheriff's sister chuckled and turned in the doorway and led the way to the kitchen. The sheriff followed still carrying his nephew in his arms. His sister Emily, turned the light on in the kitchen and headed over to the ice box where she pulled out a tub of rocky road ice cream. The sheriff had set his nephew down in a chair at the table and had crossed to the cupboard to retrieve some bowls and spoons. As he turned around to head to the table Emily asked him "Why are yo here Robert?"

Robert started to answer but paused and looked at Emily and then looked at the boy. He then said, "we will talk about that after the pie and ice cream..."

Emily knew better than to push her brother for information. Robert was a kind man but his job had made him hard over the years and he had developed a cold side that Emily had only seen once....and seeing it once was more than enough for Emily. So, she scooped the ice cream as Robert cut the pie and the three of them sat in silence and ate their pie.

When the sheriff had finished his bowl of ice cream he pushed back in his chair and turned to his nephew. The boy had ice cream all over his face mixed with an ample amount of cherries. The sheriff reached over and tussled the boys hair and they both began to laugh. Emily just sat and stared at the two men in her life and smiled. "You two are a real pair! It is a good thing that you are not here more often Robert or that nephew of yours would never act right!"
Robert just smiled and kept up the horse play until he and his nephew were both out of their chairs and rolling around the kitchen floor. "Okay, since you have got him all wound up you have to get him back to bed!" chied Emily.

"Well then Sis, I will handle the little monkey and you will have to clean up in here!" replied the sheriff through a string of laughter. Emily quickly agreed to that deal and shuffled the boys out of the room! As the sheriff and his nephew reached the stairway the boy turned and ran back to the kitchen where he lept into Emily's lap and gave her a big hug. "good night aunt Emily! Thanks for the pie and ice cream!" with on last hug he was off and running back to the stairs were the sheriff was waiting.

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